6/17 (Friday) Information on the venue spot sale privilege measures

"Yukigetsu Hana" released on May 5 DEF type sales expansion privilege measures
Album released on Wednesday, July 7 "Yuto Tatsumi Second-Yukigetsu Hana-"

Guidance of venue spot sale privilege measures

"2022 Two DINNER SHOWs"

Performance date ◆2022 years 6 month 17 Date (gold)
Daytime performance Doors open 12:30 Meals 13:00 Show 14:00
Night performance Doors open 17:30 Meals 18:00 Show 19:00

Venue ◆JR Hotel Clement Uwajima
(10-1 Nishikimachi, Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture / 1 minute walk from "Uwajima Station" on the JR Yosan Line)

Performers ◆ Yuto Tatsumi and Daiki Sora

"Yuto Tatsumi Special Concert"

Date and time ◆2022 years 6 month 18 day (Saturday)
Daytime performance 13:00 start   
Night performance 18:00 start(Opening 1 hour before the start)

Venue ◆Karaoke stage sunflower
(533-1 Haradacho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture (in front of Cafe Terrier) / 10 minutes by car from "Zentsuji Station" on the JR Dosan Line)

Guest ◆ Tomoko Shirakawa

"Yuto Tatsumi Special Dinner Show"

Date and time ◆2022 / 6 / 19 (sun)  
   Reception 12:30 Meals 13:00 Show 14:00

Venue ◆Wedding Palace Kashima
(275-3 Jitoku, Amida-cho, Takasago-shi, Hyogo / 5 minutes by car from "Sone Station" on the JR Kobe Line)

Guest ◆ Mayumi Okakawa

■ Benefits (Yuto Tatsumi and "Yuto Tatsumi Second-Yukitsuki Hana-" Reservation Benefits

7 Month 6 day (Wednesday) released 

"Yuto Tatsumi Second-Yukigetsu Hana-" ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax)
VICL-65713 POS: 4988002 92218 5

* For each reservation, you will receive an autographed original postcard (latest design for the album).
* Products and benefits will be delivered after July 7th.
* Postcards do not include dates, nicknames, etc.

■ Benefits (DEF type) Purchase benefits

Released on November 5

・ "Yukigetsu Hana" (D type) ¥ 1,227 (excluding tax)
VICL-37636 POS: 4988002 92063 1

・ "Yukigetsu Hana" (E type) ¥ 1,227 (excluding tax)
VICL-37637 POS: 4988002 92064 8

・ "Yukigetsu Hana" (F type) ¥ 1,227 (excluding tax)
VICL-37638 POS: 4988002 92065 5

* For customers who reserve one of them, "Yukigetsu Hana" original postcard
* For customers who make a reservation for a set of 3 D type, E type, and F type
We will give you an original CD storage case for "Yukigetsu Hana".
* The original CD storage case is a three-sided paper storage case that can store three "Yukigetsu Hana" D type, E type, and F type.
* Postcards are not included for customers who purchase a set of 3 cards.
* The benefits (CD case postcard) for DEF type purchasers will not be signed.

Please take this opportunity to purchase!