Yuto Tatsumi will appear in the public recording "Meeting in Yurakucho of Hideyuki Nakayama SHOW ♪" on 6/24 (Fri.)!

[Notice of viewing]
<"Meeting in Yurakucho SHOW ♪" Yuto Tatsumi appears on the rooftop of Takashimaya Yokohama! >

Yuto Tatsumi will appear on the Nippon Broadcasting System / JCOM channel "Meeting in Yurakucho Show ♪" on June 6th (Friday) from the rooftop of Takashimaya Yokohama!

In "Aiima SHOW in Yurakucho of Hideyuki Nakayama", a new project called "Broadcast Quiz! Show Local Song" will start from the recording on June 6th (Friday).It is a plan to jump out of Imagin Studio in Yurakucho and give a quiz from the relay destination.

Yuto Tatsumi will appear on the rooftop of Takashimaya Yokohama on June 6th (Friday).

◆ Viewing time: 3:XNUMX pm (planned).
Please refrain from coming from an early time.
◆ Recording time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (planned)
During this time, a live broadcast of "Aiima SHOW in Yurakucho" will be recorded.
◆ Please use the elevator / escalator and come directly to the rooftop.
◆ Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well.
◆ Please be sure to wear a mask on the day of the event.Thank you for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands.
◆ There is no roof at the venue.As there is a risk of heat stroke, please bring a parasol, hat and water.
◆ Please refrain from making inquiries to Takashimaya Yokohama regarding this matter.

For inquiries, please contact Nippon Broadcasting System 03 (3287) 1111 (Representative)