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  • "Yuto Tatsumi is a raw, but raw? (Tentative)" vol.3 will be held!
  • Remote appearance and MV will be played at the guest corner of "Utanavi # 675"!
  • Comments and MV for the new song "Invited Eden" will be played on Channel Ginga!
  • Interview article posted on the website "Utabito"! !!
  • Details of the Meijiza "Kaori Mizumori Performance" scheduled to be performed in June 2021 have been decided!
  • 3/7 (Sun) Yuto Tatsumi and "Invited Eden / Bokyo" Sound Yoro-do Live Streaming Mini Live will be held!
  • Notice of cancellation of "XNUMXst Nagara Group Yozakura Enka Festival"
  • 4/25 (Sun) "Yuto Tatsumi and Spring Feast" will be held!
  • 4/24 (Sat) "Yuto Tatsumi and Fureai Concert" will be held!
  • Yuto Tatsumi and new goods information