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  • 3/27 (Sun) CS channel Nittele Plus will broadcast "Next Generation'God Five'Kayo SHOW!"
  • 2/13 (Sun) Notice of cancellation / postponement of "Enka Boy's Dream Concert"
  • Yuto Tatsumi and "Seketsuka" will be published in the Tokyo Sports serialization corner "Music Hall" released on January 1th (Wednesday)!
  • Released on 1/18 (Tue)! An article is published in "Weekly Women 2/1"!
  • "Yukigetsu Hana" A type, B type, C type release commemorative panel exhibition additional plans have been decided at the store!
  • 1/18 (Tue) Yuto Tatsumi and "Setsugesu" Oricon General Daily Chart No. 1 Weekly Chart No. 3 Commemoration! !!Yorodou of sound live delivery mini live
  • "Tokai Radio Daikayosai 5" to be held on 25/2022 (Wed.) will appear!
  • "Yukigetsu Hana" commemorates the 1st place on the Oricon general daily chart!
  • 2/3 (Sun) "Enka Boy's Dream Concert" appearance decision! (Postponed)
  • 2022/1/9 (Sun) Request for Yuto Tatsumi and Birthday Concert (Hoya)