"Invited Eden / Bokyo" Internet autograph session

[Yuto Tatsumi and "Invited Eden / Bokyo" Internet Autograph Session]

[Date / Time / Performance]
2021 year 1 month 16 day (Sat) 14: 30 ~

Participating members: Yuto Tatsumi

Yuto Tatsumi will hold an internet autograph session to commemorate the release of "Invited Eden / Bokyo"!
We will deliver it to you who made a reservation at Limista by writing a signature for you by live delivery!
Special jacket for internet autograph session Write your autograph, nickname and date on colored paper and give it as a gift!
It's a release event that you can participate on the go, from your home, or anywhere in Japan! !!
Please do not miss this opportunity to join us!

[Purchaser benefits]
For customers who have reserved the target product, write the signature, nickname, and date on the special jacket Shikishi for the Internet autograph session and deliver it with the product!

On the day, live delivery of the sign writing!
We will call the nickname of the subscriber during live distribution! !
(There is also archive delivery, so you don't have to watch it in real time.)

If you have a YouTube account, you can join the chat!
We look forward to many messages, questions, and messages for Yuto Tatsumi!

* Distribution will be YouTube Live.
Click here for channel

* Detailed information will be announced on official Twitter.
* You can see the distribution under Artist New Information ↑ and Items.

■■ Target products ■■
Released on January 2021, 1 Yuto Tatsumi "Invited Eden / Bokyo"
(CD) A type VICL-37582 / 1,350 yen (tax included)
(CD) B type VICL-37583 / 1,350 yen (tax included)

■■ Regulation ■■

▼ Yuto Tatsumi "Invited Eden / Bokyo"
Type A / Type B simultaneous purchase set ¥ 2,700 + packing and shipping costs

Benefits: Sign the special jacket colored paper for the Internet autograph session (the jacket colored paper with A type pattern will be used for the event held on January 1), date and write your nickname and deliver it with the product.

Click here to purchase ⇒

We may write your nickname on the day of the event on a colored paper with a signature and date in advance.

■ Sales period
From 1/12 (Tuesday) 18:00 to 1/16 (Saturday) until the middle of delivery.

* If the maximum number of applications is reached, the application may be closed even during the sales period.
* You can choose to pay by virtual bank transfer or credit card payment.

[About credit card payment]
* Credit card payments can be ordered until the deadline announced in the delivery.

[About Virtual Bank Transfer]
*This is an online account dedicated to the orderer issued for each order.
* Virtual bank Final transfer / payment deadline
1/14 (Thursday) 13:00 Purchase acceptance ends, please pay by 1/15 (Friday) 15:00 the next day.
* The virtual bank payment deadline is until 15:00 the day after the application date.
* Please note that you will not be able to make the transfer after the payment deadline stated in the email of the virtual bank "transfer information".
* Depending on the financial institution you are using, the deposit may not be reflected by the payment deadline and may be canceled even if it is transferred outside the business hours of the financial institution. Please contact your financial institution for details.
* Please note that if you do not confirm the payment by the deadline after ordering, it will be treated as cancellation.
* Please be sure to enter the real name of the person who applied for the transfer name.

【Regarding delivery】
*This event is scheduled to be delivered by Yamato Transport "Takkyubin".
*Please enter your name and address correctly.
*A shipping charge (takkyubin: 990 yen) will be charged for each transaction (additional charges for remote islands).
* Products and benefits will be shipped 5 business days after the event ends (*1).
*We do not notify you of the shipment of products (Note 2).
(Note 1) In the following cases, it will take additional time to arrange product shipment.
 □ When the product is sold by reservation → Shipping will be after the product release date.
 □ If there are multiple event dates → Shipping will be after 5 business days from the last day of the event.
 □ When many applications are overlapped at once → Shipping will be done in order of application.
 □ If it takes time to arrange products and special offers such as made-to-order products → We will inform you of the estimated shipping date of the products separately.
(Note 2) If you register for Kuroneko Members, Yamato Transport will automatically send you a shipping notification.

* Purchase end time may change without notice.Please note.
* We recommend that you register as a free member (free).
* Convenience store payment is not available.
* Signing is only for customers who have completed payment in advance.
* Purchased items will not be canceled or refunded.
* If the event is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, a refund will be given. Please note that refunds cannot be made in case of postponement.

[Notes on setting nickname]
*Prohibition of the use of artist names (eg Yu Tatsumi 〇〇)
*Those judged to be inappropriate, such as against public order and morals
*A nickname that could be mistaken for a message by a third party
If you enter the above information, it will be invalid and the registered name (katakana) will be added to the delivery address.

*The "nickname (up to 10 characters)" that you will register at the time of purchase will be entered at the time of signing.
*1 Only one nickname (common) will be used for multiple purchases of the same item product (two pieces of both A type and B type) in accounting.
* 1 If you purchase multiple items of the same item in the accounting, you can enter the same nickname for the number of orders, so please enter the same nickname for the number of orders.
* You can enter nicknames for each order, but if you enter different nicknames for each order, the nickname you write will be the first nickname you entered.
*Registration of nicknames and messages is prohibited because pictograms, emoticons, special characters and symbols (?. & .?.!) will be garbled.
* There is a 10-character limit for nicknames and a 120-character limit for message fields.
*The message you receive may be read aloud at the time of delivery, but it is not guaranteed to read it.
* Inappropriate content may be determined and adjusted without notice.
* Deadline for changing "Nickname" and "Message" (Limiter members can change from My Page.)
1/22 (Friday) 23:59 Reception closed

*We do not accept changes in "nickname" or "message" from inquiries.
* We do not ship overseas.

[Notes on card payment]
There are many cases in which the card expiration date is entered in reverse, or the security code is entered incorrectly, resulting in an error.
Also, it may take some time to process after clicking the payment button, and if you close or move the screen during that time, an error may occur.
When payment is completed normally, "Project support is completed." Will be displayed and an email will be sent at the same time. Please be sure to check it.

※※ We recommend that you register as a Listista member before purchasing. ※※
By registering as a Lister member in advance, you can smoothly carry out the procedure when placing an order.
Please check the settings so that you can receive the email "" from the limiter (PC email recommended).
There are many cases where we do not receive it, including reply emails for inquiries due to domain designation such as mobile phones, rejection setting, etc.
Also, please check the spam folder.
Please be especially careful if you use ezweb.

* Please refer to this for the purchase method