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  • 12/22 (Thursday) "Tatsumi Yuto Christmas Dinner Show 2022" will be held!
  • Popular series "God Five" special concert second!Held decision!
  • "Utanabi! ] Appear in the New Generations Corner!
  • The first concert video product will be released on 9/14 (Wed.)! !!
  • Tokimeki ☆ Song's Three Musketeers "Takuya Nakazawa x Yuto Tatsumi x Leon Niihama Special Concert" Information on spot sale privilege measures at the venue
  • 9/25 (Sun) "Tadashi Yoshida 100th Anniversary Concert Let's talk together and sing together-" Love and the power to live "to pass on to future generations" will be held!
  • 7/31 (Sun) "Yuto Tatsumi and Second-Setsugesu-" Internet autograph session will be held!
  • 7/30 (Sat) Yoro-do Mini Live (Store Mini Live & Live Stream)
  • VICTOR ONLINE STORE Renewal Open Commemorative Campaign!
  • "Park Jun-yong ★ Hayabusa ★ Yuto Tatsumi ~ Fantastic Gifts For You ~" Eplus Streaming + will be delivered!