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  • 12/4 (Sun.) New single "Kinshiki Ichiten" (A type, B type, C type) Release commemoration live streaming mini live (Victor Online Store)
  • 12/3 (Sat) Announcement of Internet autograph session to commemorate the release of "Shinshin Ichiten"
  • 2023/2/18 (Saturday) Announcement of "Young Enka Kayo Show"
  • Additional reservations for "Yuto Tatsumi 2023 Calendar" are accepted at Nagara Honpo!
  • 11/27 (Sun) Notice of "Kami Five Concert Rehearsal Grand Opening"
  • Announcement of the release of "Monthly Karaoke Fan January issue" to be released on 11/21 (Mon.)
  • Notice of 11/20 (Sun) "Renewal" Oto no Yorodo mini-live (in-store mini-live & live distribution)
  • 11/13 (Sun.) "Shinshin Shiten" ABC type release commemorative internet autograph session (Victor Online Store)
  • BS TV Tokyo "55th Japan Lyricist Award" "Setsugetsuka" has been nominated!
  • "Takuya Nakazawa & Yuto Tatsumi Joint Concert 2023" will be held on Saturday, March 2023, 3!