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  • 8/21 (Sun) Oto no Yorodo mini-live (in-store mini-live & live distribution) will be held!
  • 8/20 (Sat.) Commemorating the release of the second album "Tatsumi Yuto XNUMXnd ~Setsugekka~" Victor online store YouTube channel live streaming mini-live will be held!
  • 8/13 (Sat.) XNUMXnd album "Tatsumi Yuto XNUMXnd ~Setsugekka~" release commemorative mini-live will be held on Victor online store YouTube channel!
  • Tokimeki ☆ Song's Three Musketeers "Takuya Nakazawa x Yuto Tatsumi x Leon Niihama Special Concert" Information on spot sale privilege measures at the venue
  • 7/31 (Sun) "Yuto Tatsumi and Second-Setsugesu-" Internet autograph session will be held!
  • VICTOR ONLINE STORE Renewal Open Commemorative Campaign!
  • 7/20 (Wednesday) "Cookpad Live" will be delivered for the third time!We are also looking for studio viewing
  • "Yuto Tatsumi and Second ~ Yuzuki Hana ~" Announcement of Support Shop
  • In commemoration of the release of the 2nd album "Yuto Tatsumi and Second ~ Yuzuki Hana ~", store measures have been decided!
  • 7/9 (Sat) Album "Tatsumi Yuto Second ~ Yuzuki Hana ~" Release Commemorative Internet Autograph Session (Victor Online Store)