11/23 (Wed./holiday) Appearance on "Soreyuke! Enka Outdoor Club"!

A popular singer who is exciting now is having a great time outdoors!

Let Ryuji Miyamoto become the captain and have fun in the great outdoors!and formed the Enka Outdoor Club.

A special program where you can get a glimpse of the singer's private side that you can't usually see, such as camping, sports, and outdoor cooking!

Title"Let's go! Enka Outdoor Club"

Cast: Ryuji Miyamoto, Hiroshi Miyama, Okayu, Naoki Sanada, Yuto Tatsumi

Special guest Tsugiharu Ogiwara

Broadcasting Station ◆ Kayo Pops Channel

First broadcast November 2022, 11 (Wednesday / holiday) 23: 17-00: 18

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