6/8 (Tuesday) "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type D type) release commemorative live delivery mini live (Victor online store)

New single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type D type) release commemorative live delivery mini live (Victor online store)

[Event summary]
In commemoration of the release of the new single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type D type) with Yuto Tatsumi, a mini live campaign will be held live on the Internet.
This is a mini live campaign that anyone can watch through YouTube on the Internet.
Please enjoy singing with Yuto Tatsumi on the following dates and times.
● Date: June 2021, 6 (Tuesday) 8:18 start  
● Live channel: Victor online store YouTube channel

* The new single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" live distribution mini-live campaign is only live distribution and cannot be viewed in the archive.
* It is recommended to subscribe to the channel in advance and set a reminder.
* This distribution prohibits video recording and recording with smartphones and digital cameras.
Please refrain from disclosing the video to a third party via SNS etc.

● In addition, as a "special project" this time, if you purchase the single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type D type) at the Victor Online Store by the purchase deadline, the D type We will attach the date and signature on the jacket as a privilege.
For details, please check the following.

Released on May 2021, 5 Yuto Tatsumi and "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type D type)
(CD) C type VICL-37594 / 1,350 yen (tax included)
(CD) D type VICL-37595 / 1,350 yen (tax included)

▼ Yuto Tatsumi "Invited Eden / Bokyo"
C type / D type simultaneous purchase set ¥ 2,700 (tax included) + shipping fee

Benefits: We will sign the date on the "Invited Eden / Bokyo" D-type jacket.  

* Your name (nickname) is not included.
* C type jacket does not have a signature
・ Please note that you will not receive any benefits other than the above.

Click here to purchase:

* Anyone can watch the live mini-live pattern without making a reservation for the target product.
* It is recommended to subscribe to the channel in advance and set a reminder.
* There is no archive distribution.Please note.

[Reservation acceptance period]
From Thursday, June 2021, 6 3:18 to Tuesday, June 00, 6:8
* The deadline for payment to convenience stores is within 3 days from the date of application.If payment is not made by the payment deadline, the order will be cancelled.Please note.

■ Notes
* Please make a reservation for the product from the cart dedicated to this event.
* The payment method is credit card, convenience store payment, or PayPay.
*Cannot be canceled due to the characteristics of products and benefits.
*Products are limited. It will end as soon as the specified number is reached.
*A separate shipping fee will be charged. A shipping fee of 1 yen (tax included) will be charged for each shipment.
*Delivery is only available within Japan.
* Products ordered at this event will be shipped sequentially from around June 6th.
* An order completion email will be sent after your order.Also, please note that we have not sent an email regarding the completion of the application.
* Email will be sent from "".Customers who have domain settings (rejection settings) are requested to cancel the domain settings so that they can receive emails, or add "@" to the reception list.

About the handling of personal information
We will strictly manage the personal information of all users.
Personal information provided by users will be used for contacting product applicants, shipping products and benefits, managing product purchase privilege events, providing information on other products, and marketing activities.In addition, the personal information will be discarded or deleted in a non-reproducible format as soon as the purpose of use is achieved.
About sharing of personal information
In order to manage the event smoothly, the personal information of the customer who purchased the CD may be shared with other companies and related parties related to the event.Please note that.
*The event itself may be canceled or postponed if a new government policy for the new coronavirus infection is announced. Please note.

[Inquiries about mini live]
Victor Entertainment customer service office
[TEL] 0570-010-115
[Reception Hours] Mon-Fri (excluding holidays) 10:00-13:00 / 14:00-17:00