Yamano Music Co., Ltd. "Enka Festival on YouTube" Campaign Held

◆ Yamano Musical Instruments "Enka Festival on YouTube" ◆

[Campaign application period]
2021/5/15 (Sat) -2021/8/1 (Sun) Postmark valid

【Application method】
Every time you purchase a CD / cassette / DVD of Enka / Kayokyoku at Yamano Music Co., Ltd. CD / DVD stores and online shops, you will receive a "special application postcard".
Please fill in the "application keyword" and "○ mark for one singer who wants a privilege" on the special application postcard and apply.
The application keywords will be announced in the comment video of "Yamano Music Enka / Kayokyoku YouTube Channel".
* Distribution period of "exclusive application postcards" at each store: 2021/5/15 (Sat) -2021/8/1 (Sun)
Online shop "Exclusive application postcard" Distribution period: 2021/5/15 (Sat) ~2021/7/26 (Mon) 23:59 Until your order

【Contents of present】
By lottery, 1 person will receive "Yamano Music Official Character Hoo-chan Plush Toy with Autograph" and 5 people will receive "Goods"!
* Goods vary depending on the singer.

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