Information on the new song "Invited Eden / Bokyo" Bonus Party (1/12 Hana Golden Concert)

[Information for the new song "Invited Eden / Bokyo" Bonus Party]

<Hana Golden Concert>
January 2021, 1 (Tuesday) ● Open 12:11 Start 30:12
[Venue] Nagoya Civil Hall
(1-5 Kanayama, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi / 3-5 minutes walk from Kanayama Station on each line)

Single released on October 2021, 1 (Wednesday)
"Invited Eden / Bokyo" VICL-37582 (CD) Tax-included price: 1,350 yen
"Invited Eden / Bokyo" VICL-37583 (CD) Tax-included price: 1,350 yen

■ Benefits
On the day of the event, customers who reserve the target product will receive a "Tatsumi Yuto special clear file" as a gift.
The design is different from the latest design of the new song and the store privilege clear file.It will be a first-come-first-served benefit, so as soon as it runs out
It will end.
* The bonus clear file will be given with the product.