6/25 (Sat) "Yoshida Tadashi Music Memorial Hall Large Roof Square Concert-Artists Inheriting Yoshida Melody-"

"Yoshida Tadashi Music Memorial Hall Large Roof Square Concert-Artists who inherit the Yoshida melody-"

Date and time ◆June 2022, 6 (Sat) 25:14 start

Venue ◆Hitachi City Hall Large Roof Square
(1-1-1 Sukegawa-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture / 10 minutes by bus from "Hitachi Station" on the JR Joban Line)

Appearance ◆Tatsumi Yu and, Rice porridge

<How to apply for viewing>
Admission is free, but advance application is required for viewing.

● Postcard
Address: 317-8601-1 Sukegawa-cho, Hitachi 1-1 "Culture and International Affairs Division"
Contents of description "Orohiro Hiroba Concert", zip code, address, name, telephone number
Application deadline Must arrive by Wednesday, June 2021, 6
* Two people can enter with one postcard

● Internet
Apply from the Hitachi City official website

Reception period
From 2022:6 on June 6th (Monday) to 9:00 on June 6th (Wednesday), 15
* 1 people can enter with one application

◆ If there are a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held, and the results will be notified to all by postcard or email around 6/20 (Sun).
◆ Application is limited to once per person.
◆ The performance may be canceled due to the infection status of the new coronavirus and the influence of the performance.