Released on 5/26 (Wed.)! [New single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type / D type) store benefits have been decided! ]

[New single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" (C type / D type) store benefits decided]

Yuto Tatsumi and new single "Invited Eden / Bokyo" at the following target stores
VICL-37594 (C type)
VICL-37595 (D type)
The following benefits will be given to those who make a reservation and purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.

■ Yuto Tatsumi and national support stores
"Invited Eden / Bokyo" (for C type / D type) Original clear file (for nationwide support stores)

■ Victor Online Store
"Invited Eden / Bokyo" Original Clear File (for Victor Online Store)

■ amazon
"Invited Eden / Bokyo" with paper mega jacket (each form) (24 cm x 24 cm)
* This is an enlarged version of the jacket photo to a size of 24 cm x 24 cm.

(The store privilege clear file will end as soon as it runs out because it is a first-come-first-served privilege. We recommend that you make a reservation after confirming the existence of the clear file with the store in advance.)