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  • Photographs posted on 1/26 (Tue) Shufu to Seikatsusha "Weekly Women"!
  • Articles posted on the "HOMINIS" website!
  • "Published magazine" information released on 12/24 (Thursday)
  • Published in the evening newspaper of "Mainichi Newspapers Osaka Headquarters Edition" released on 12/7 (Monday)!
  • New regular start & first challenge to theme song! "Yu and Prince's Adventure" will be broadcast on CS Channel Ginga from January 2021!
  • Osaka Nihon Shimbun morning edition
  • "Weekly Women" September 9th and October 29th merged issue Photographs of the new edition!
  • TBS Radio's new program "Music Palette" will start on November 11st (Sun)!
  • [LIVE delivery] Live delivery with Yu Tatsumi! 2020.8.9
  • [LIVE delivery] Live delivery with Yu Tatsumi! 2020.8.1