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  • 3/7 (Sun) Yuto Tatsumi and "Invited Eden / Bokyo" Sound Yoro-do Live Streaming Mini Live will be held!
  • Notice of cancellation of "XNUMXst Nagara Group Yozakura Enka Festival"
  • 4/25 (Sun) "Yuto Tatsumi and Spring Feast" will be held!
  • 4/24 (Sat) "Yuto Tatsumi and Fureai Concert" will be held!
  • Information on sales expansion benefits for "Invited Eden / Bokyo" 2/14 (Sun) Valentine Concert
  • [Notice of change in start time of dinner and show] 2/28 (Sun) 2021 Harmony New Year Festival With Yuto Tatsumi and HANZO !! DINNER & SHOW -A fun gathering with guests and singing friends-"
  • 3/28 (Sun) Notice of postponement of the 20th Song and Dance Sakura Festival
  • Okayama Prefecture / Niimi Shinkamai Kiza "Yuko Nagai / Yuto Tatsumi and Enthusiasm Performance"
  • 2021/2/28 (Sun) "2021 Harmony New Year Festival with Yuto Tatsumi and HANZO! !! DINNER & SHOW-A fun gathering with guests and singing friends- "will be held!
  • 2021/2/14 (Sun) "Valentine Concert" will be held!