• Appearing on the cover and opening page of the August issue of "Monthly Song Notebook" on sale from Friday, June 6st!
  • Announcement of appearance at "Aki Yashiro Memorial Concert ~Emotional Songs Revived by the Orchestra~" on August 8th (Thursday)
  • Announcement of guest appearance on “NHK Nodojiman” on 9/22 (Sun)


Maria of the Labyrinth (A type)

2024.05.15 RELEASE


  • Nippon Broadcasting System "Hideyuki Nakayama's Meet in Yurakucho SHOW ♪"
  • Radio Osaka "Tatsumi Yuuto Kode Yutoko"
  • BS11 Popular Young Star Song Show 5th “It’s a million hit! Everyone gathers, Part XNUMX” rebroadcast